Flying Out of Our Minds

Last Updated on: 26th February 2023, 08:28 pm

Man, I wish I could show this article to my mom. We got in a wee disagreement after watching United 93 and she started saying “We can understand better why they make us take off our shoes…” No! We are so busy remembering all the previous ways someone has tried to bomb us, and checking for those, that someone could come up with a whole new way and blow us sky-high. People forget that it’s not what’s in our shoes, it’s what’s in our eyes that counts. It is an interesting thing to note that Israel’s airport rarely has a successful plot carried out on it. Lots of attempts, not many successes. Maybe we should follow their example.

And here’s yet another article about security theatre. What a good phrase that is. They make us feel like we’re safer, but we’re not.

God, the latest ideas on that front are dumb. “You can’t have a computer open on your lap! You can’t go to the john in the last hour of the flight. Let me just touch your private zones because you could be stupid enough to do what the last guy did.” Or maybe I’m just trying to fly somewhere.

I feel sorry for that second Nigerian dude who locked himself in the bathroom, and got arrested, when it turned out to be only food poisoning. I know why they did what they did, but it would suck to be him.

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