Stupid Motorist Law

Last Updated on: 12th December 2016, 06:47 pm

Today, on the guide dog email list I’m on, there was talk of really crappy Arizona weather. I guess they’re getting snow and rain and wind, and that doesn’t bring good things in a desert.

But the one good thing this conversation brought me was knowledge of a very cool law, Statute 28-910 Liability for emergency responses in flood areas, or the “Stupid Motorist Law.”

Apparently, there’s a law saying that if there’s been flooding, and there are barricades up to prevent you from going into flooded areas, and you still drive your big ol’ SUV in there, and you need to be rescued, you get the bill.


Finally, there’s a law that makes sense. Now, we need to take that law, and create one for ski hills with avalanch warnings and big ski resorts with out of bounds zones among other things. Let’s see. What can I think of? Dorks who drive around railroad gates when the lights are flashing and the bells are ringing. “Oh the train will stop for me.” Oh yeah? Wanna bet? Or how about morons who drive into construction sites even though there are signs up saying don’t come in here? Or people who fish near hydro dams even though the sign says “Hydro dam! Danger!” Well I guess they have that law up here. You can get a nice big ol’ fine if you’re caught doing that.

I guess the law is a great law in theory, but fire departments are finding it hard to enforce. This is an old article, but I wonder if things have changed. I could see how things might be slow to get moving.

Yeah! This is what we need. We also need a clause in there that says you can’t turn around and sue people for not rescuing you fast enough. You got in there, it’s your own damn fault, you should be grateful you got rescued at all.

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