That Guy Needs A Huggins

Last Updated on: 9th January 2024, 06:44 am

Lawyer arraigned on charges of hugging female colleague

I’m not here to talk about the story itself, all I care about is who wrote it.

So who wrote it, you ask. That would be J.J. Huggins. Come on, tell me that’s not funny.

but just in case you do care about the actual article, here’s what’s going on.

Saia-Rogers didn’t attend the hearing. She previously told Lawrence police Officer Kevin Schiavone that she was chatting with three other attorneys when LeBlanc grabbed her from behind, “wrapped his arms around her midsection just below her breast and pulled her tightly to him pressing his pelvis against her backside” in a bearhug, according to Schiavone’s report.

“She states he stated aloud to the colleagues standing there, ‘Isn’t she a beautiful Republican?'” the report said. “Saia-Rogers stated she felt embarrassed and violated, but kept her composure due to the work setting she was in.”

the beautiful Republican/hugging victim is Pamela Saia-Rogers, and the LeBlanc in question is fellow lawyer and current charges of assault and battery facer Robert the Hug Monster LeBlanc.

And in case anybody doesn’t understand where the title of this post came from or even if you just want to relive it again (you might not want to if you happen to be Yannick Bertrand), gohere.

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