A Little Further In The Journey to New Phone Land

Last Updated on: 23rd February 2017, 07:10 pm

Well, I’m one step closer to having my Nokia N86!

I’m such a silly. Every day this month, I’ve been thinking I should order the phone, I should order the phone. But you’ve heard all too often about my fears of making a bad technology decision. Yesterday, after a lot of hesitation, I picked up the phone and ordered my N86.


They’re out of stock! Damn it all! Well, it must be a popular phone if they’re out of stock. The poor fellow first couldn’t figure out why he couldnt’ put the order in for 100 bucks, which was what he thought it would be with my contract and all. He called me back and said they were out of stock, but it should be back in by at least Wednesday.

I thought it was chuckleworthy that he tried to sell me an iPhone. I said oh god, I thought about it long and hard, but I want my eyeballs in a box!

So…I will soon have a shiny new phone to get used to…if all goes well. And I’ll have the shiniest version of Talks there is! Woooo! I have a supported phone again.

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