Parental Quirks

It’s time for another guest post from Gill. At this rate, she’s going to have more posts here than I do.

They are the givers of life, love, food, money, advice, discipline. We admire them when we are small, cringe at those embarrassing things they do when we are teenagers, and maybe laugh at it later. Someone once said that as we grow older we even become them. For some of us that could lead to a session of screaming No! or yikes! When it comes down to it in most cases you wouldn’t trade them for anyone else would you?

I am talking about parents. Parents and those quirks that make them embarrassing, funny, cringeworthy, or give you that thing that you laugh with your friends about.

Take mine for example. They are wonderful people, and God bless them for that, but no one is perfect are they? Well, my mom may joke that she is. What’s her quirk? Ask my sister, or to a lesser extent me, and you will find that no visit to one of our homes is complete with out a military style inspection, followed by a look somewhere between mistchif and a slight frown. She will then proceed to clean up or make suggestions on how this particular course should be plotted. Aww the anal mom.

My dad hasn’t been left from this particular loop. He, all though wonderfully funny and kind, has this proclivity to fart and blame it on one of us, usually my mom. All the while wearing this goofy grin on his face.

So what does this tell us? Go ahead and pour your cups of hater-aid on me for this, but parental quirks are those things that make your visits, or theirs all the more interesting.

What are your parents quirks?

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