>An Open Letter To Vesa Toskala

>Down Goes Brownhas written a fabulously entertaining response to Vesa Toskala’s comment that he couldn’t wait to wash the blue and white out of his gear.

Dear Vesa,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ll pause for a moment while you configure your screen reading software.

It’s now been ten days since you were traded. Soon you’ll be making your debut with Anaheim, pending the resolution of some visa issues that were presumably caused by a customs agent who was a Ducks fan. In any event, it was probably a pleasant change for you to be involved in a story where something was actually denied entry.

You’re currently involved in a mini-controversy with your new team, who have denied your request to wear your familiar #35. They’re apparently unaware of how important that number is to you, given that it represents your approximate career save percentage. But let’s not focus on Anaheim — instead, let’s take a look back at your time in Toronto.

You can read the whole thinghere,which you should because it’s brilliant stuff. It’s also worth the extra few minutes to click the links and watch Mike Foligno and Wendel Clark lay waste to Curtis Joseph for old times’ sake. Ahh, those were the good old days.

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