Wayfinder Access Petition

Last night, while I was jibbering away in that 73-minute trainwreck, I mentioned a petition that has been created by TalkNav Inc. on the subject of Wayfinder Access suddenly being terminated. I figured I would give it its own proper plug.

Wayfinder Access really was the cheapest GPS solution, and the only solution for Symbian phones. So, for some people who have no other options, it was the only choice. The good folks at TalkNav are so upset about this chain of events that they have written a petition, which they will send to the head of Vodafone, who bought out Wayfinder Access and elected to shut it down. If you care about Wayfinder Access, please sign the petition. All it asks for is your name, email address, country, and remarks, and you can choose to sign anonymously or publically. Even if you make a public signature, only your name and country are published. There are 109 signatures already. Actually, there are now 110. I just signed it.

Let me just say right now that TalkNav is awesome. You can get a Talks serial number or upgrade anywhere in the world any time of the day. You just send them the IMEI number and their automated system whips you up a serial number in no time flat. And, their customer service is awesome. They even called me back so I could ask them questions about their products, and they are in England! Just think about that for a second. They also host the Talks Users mailing list, which is an excellent resource for information. So I happen to think TalkNav is pretty cool.

So if you feel the same way I do, you know what to do.

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