>Sounds Like The Laws Need An Adjustment

Last Updated on: 24th April 2012, 03:40 pm

>Here’s another scary little tidbit, this time for those in the US. I don’t know how it stands in Canada. If a doctor commits a sexual offense on a patient, their license is revoked for good, no more seeing patients. But if it’s a chiropractor, they can come back eventually. They just have to have someone watching them while they treat females. What the hell? Why should they be given more chances than doctors? And I don’t trust that whole having a third person present will make it hard to reoffend bit. Just ask the victim of Aniruddha Chitale how well that worked.

At least people know what chiropractor they should not see if they’re in Minneapolis, that being Scott Fredin. It doesn’t sound like he knows how to follow any sort of rules.

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