I Think They’re Both Nutters

Last Updated on: 3rd November 2022, 09:48 am

Ok, people need to chill out with their texting rage. First, we had those dudes meeting up to fight because one of them texted the wrong number, and now we have people engaging in a knife fight because of a predictive text error in a text message. I guess the story goes that Neil Brook sent Josef Witkowski a text and called him a mutter. But his phone’s predictive text dictionary thought he meant nutter, so that’s what it sent. Witkowski did not appreciate being called a crazy man, and showed up at Brook’s house with a knife. Brook had a knife of his own, and went completely insane on Witkowski. According to the autopsy, there were 104 injuries on the body, including signs that Brook had kicked and stamped on Witkowski’s face. Apparently, Brook was not convicted of murder, only manslaughter. I guess I can understand since Witkowski showed up with a knife first, but there comes a point where 104 injuries has to count for something more than manslaughter, I would think.

And all this over mutter vs. nutter. I must be out of the loop, as I’ve never heard of mutter as some kind of insult meaning antisocial person. Either way. It’s a word. If you guys are friends, why in hell would you pull knives over it. Mutter? Nutter? What’s the big deal?

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