>Your Mother Would Want Us To Be Together, Especially After I Hit Her With This Hammer

>It’s moments like this when I wish we had a “what a dick” tag.

21-Year-old Steven Locke needs to learn how to handle rejection a little bit better. He also needs to burn in hell if such a place exists. So angered was he by an un-named 17-year-old girl’s rejection of his romantic advances that he decided the best thing to do would be tograb his trusty sledgehammer, head down to the local cemetery and take a few hefty swings at the headstone of the girl’s mother, destroying it.

Fortunately the story has a happy ending, as the cemetery and the company who made the stone have agreed to split the cost of replacing it. Several other people also offered to donate money to help the family once the story hit the media. As for Locke, he’s been charged with vandalism with possibly more to come and jailed on $5000 bond.

I’m glad things turned out well, but still, what a dick!

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