Is He Blinded By The Sun, Or His Desire For Money?

Damn that other case where a girl got clonked by a flying bat, and her mom sued, and it went ahead. Maybe it set a precedent, so this next ridiculous lawsuit can continue.

George Black got hit by a line drive, and now he’s suing the ballpark’s owner for letting the sun get in his eyes! Seriously?

There is a tiny part where maybe he has a case. He says the ballpark had considered putting in screening to shade players from the sun, but didn’t, and then his injury happened. But, as often happens with lawsuits, he makes all kinds of over the top statements that smash the hell out of his credibility. Let’s look at one of them.

He also alleged the company failed to inspect the diamond or “warn [Mr. Black] of the dangers of the sun at the particular time of day.”

“Players are not trained nor experts in knowing the safety precautions,” Mr. Black alleged in his suit. “There have been no instructions in avoiding the sun. There were no instructions that the players are to cease playing when the sun is at a level that will interfere with their eyes.”

Players have to be trained for the dangers of the sun? Aren’t we all trained in knowing when the sun is likely to blind us as we, um, go about our daily lives? How many times have people said “God it’s hard to see right now, the sun’s just at the right level to be in my eyes.” I have never in my life heard of people being trained on the way to protect themselves from the sun.

I’m not saying getting thwacked with a ball, having it crush one finger, break another one and cause damage to an eye wouldn’t suck. But shit happens, and he looks ridiculous suing a ballpark owner for the actions of…the sun.

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