His Shot Was Bang On

Last Updated on: 10th January 2017, 09:05 am

I saw this story on the news and thought that it must be blogged.

A pair of dumbasses in Shakespeare, Ontario, thought a good object of target practice would be a propane tank. since the story’s here, you can guess what happened. If you can’t, let me sum it up by saying kaboom!

Now, read this passage and see if you get the same idea I do.

“They took turns firing at the cylinder from a distance they thought was safe. After a number of shots, one of the rounds struck the tank, causing the cylinder to explode. Parts of the cylinder flew back, striking one of the males and injuring him.”

So, all the other shots they fired missed a great big propane cylinder?

And this pair of dorks are very lucky their stupidity didn’t hurt anybody else. Don’t screw around with propane!

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