Give A Dog A Bone, But Don’t Give A Guide Dog A Ball

Last Updated on: 25th November 2015, 03:54 pm

I saw this search yesterday, but was too sleepy to tackle it.

24 Apr, Sat, 07:35:11
why can you not let guide dogs play with a ball

My answer may not be the right one, but it’s my understanding. I know a couple raisers read from time to time, so feel free to chime in, and give the true answer…but until then, here’s my stab at it.

The main reason is you don’t want your dog to chase balls that are flying around playgrounds and stuff. Sure, they’re not *supposed* to do stuff in harness like that, but well…I guess the theory is why tempt fate? They like to make sure that guide dogs dont’ have a strong prey drive, i.e. “ooo! Mine! Must chase that down right now, I’m a huntin’ dog, huffa puffa gotta go get it…”but some dogs still have it in them, even though they’ve been convinced they shouldn’t use it, and maybe the thought is the ball might bring it back.

I used to wonder “well, why throw a kong then?” But I guess the thought process is most joes don’t play a rousing game of soccer kong or basketkong in the park. There is less danger of the pooch seeing a kong they’d want to fetch while working.

But I think like any rule, it can be broken. Some dogs become ball-obsessed, some could give two craps about a ball, and some will fetch a ball for you, but will not be tempted by a flying ball while in harness.

There, Mr. Googler, does that make sense…if you’re still reading?

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