Trixie, I Said Find Steve, Not Squish Him!

Last Updated on: 28th September 2013, 09:39 am

The other day, Trixie made a rather large wooops that simultaneously makes me chuckle and makes the worry wart part of me worry.

Trix and I had just come back from relieving, and Steve was sitting out on the balcony. As a joke, I said find Steve after taking Trix’s harness off. She ran over to the door, running and jumping all the way. I wasn’t worried. She always stopped in time. Then…she hit the screen door, and the whole screen door came off its hinges, narrowly missing Steve! As soon as it came off, Trix jumped backwards, probably simultaneously freaked out by the bang, and the fact…there was a door and now the door is no more! Amazingly, she didn’t put a hole in it, she just somehow knocked it off its hinges!

Poor Steve was on the phone when the door became a projectile, and I was desperately trying to process what just happened. Once his heart went back in his chest, he took it far better than I did.

We had to call maintenance to put the door back up. It’s up…but it has issues because I guess it was getting loose anyway, and this was the final straw. Maintenance didn’t seem mad, because other residents have had issues with their screens, and their dogs didn’t knock ’em out. They said we’re getting a new screen.

This, of course, sent the worried part of me into conniptions. Did she not see it? Has she got troubles developing in her eyes? Should I be worried? But the fact that she didn’t actually charge through the screen and put a hole in it is somewhat comforting. She was just really excited and hit it with the right amount of force that the hinges gave, and they were probably on their way to their fate anyway. At least that’s what I’ll think for now.

But the super said something that still bugs me. He said “It’s not very comforting that the dog you count on didn’t stop for the screen. Would she charge through something in pursuit of a squirrel next?” She wasn’t in harness. People never understand that difference, ever. Ug.

Anyway, the poor screen door. Its days are numbered…and it’ll be a while before my faith is restored that Trixie will stop in time before hitting the screen.

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