Aaa! The Gay Dog Will Hump My Leg!

Last Updated on: 6th June 2016, 01:03 pm

What the hell? That’s all I could manage when Ann sent me this doozer.

Ian Jolly and his guide dog decided to go out to a Thai restaurant in Australia, but he was denied entry, not only because they didn’t realize his dog was a guide dog, but they had a special objection because they thought his dog was a gay dog. Apparently, the fact that the dog was gay had special merit. A woman who was with Ian said he had a guide dog, they thought she said gay dog, and then the trouble started.

Whaaat? Why was the gay part more significant than the dog part? They would have looked far more sane if they said they didn’t realize Ian’s dog was a guide dog. They probably would have looked mildly stupid, but not off their rockers.

Jolly took them to task over it, and they’ve had to pay and apologize. Good…but I think they have issues that the fine and apology won’t even address.

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