National Access Awareness Week

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I have been meaning to put this up for a few days, but for one reason or another, it hadn’t made it up. Here it is now. I hope we get lots of people dropping by Stone Road Mall.


National Access Awareness Week
Guelph Barrier Free Committees

GUELPH, ON, April 23, 2010 –
May 27, 2010: Drop in to visit the Guelph Barrier Free Committees as we celebrate National Access Awareness Week at Stone Road Mall on Thursday, May 27th between 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. by the “Chapters entrance”. Displays being held will prove informative to businesses and individuals alike.
The Guelph Barrier Free Committees have developed a valuable resource package full of information and tips on how to become compliant with the Accessible Customer Service Standard by the deadline of January 1st, 2012. The Committees will be distributing this resource package free of charge to businesses and non-profit organizations that approach them in Stone Road Mall on May 27th. With the introduction of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), businesses and non-profit organizations are being faced with the task of complying with a new set of legal obligations. This resource package will prove an asset when developing your own Customer Service policy, and representatives of the Guelph Barrier Free Committees will be available to answer questions and concerns related to the AODA and the changes that organizations will be facing in the near future.
The Committees are also partnering with various community organizations to educate the public about the resources available to individuals with disabilities living in Guelph. Come see a demonstration and test out one of the City of Guelph’s low-floor buses. Learn what the Barrier Free Committees are doing in your community, and speak to representatives from community organizations about the services available to you.
This is sure to be a fun-filled and informative day, and an excellent opportunity for everyone to learn more about what Guelph is doing to become universally accessible. Businesses, pick up your free resource package before they’re gone; families, come talk to us and see what Guelph has to offer you!

Alanna Balint
Co-op Student
Disability Services
Corporate Property
Corporate Services
T 519-822-1260 x 2606

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