Leader Of The Black?

Last Updated on: 10th November 2013, 07:49 pm

This story made me shiver, giggle, and then think of a joke my mom told me once.

A guy decided he wanted to be “chief of his tribe”. Ok then. To do this, he thought he needed to put his penis through the ring of a dumbbell weight fastener. Three days later, when Willie had swolen quite a lot, he couldn’t get the ring off. It had gone black by the time he got to the hospital, but he still refused treatment. They eventually had to call in the firefighters to saw the ring off his swollen wang. It was liberated successfully, and not touched by the saw.

The funniest part was watching the fire chief refer to his penis as “his thing.” The way this guy talks, I can almost picture what he would look like.

And then the joke came to me. Yes, my mom told me this joke, and that made the joke even funnier. Imagine a voice similar to that of a kindergarten teacher saying the following words:

A white man noticed the impressive length of the black man’s penis at the adjacent urinal.

“Sure wish I had one like your’s.”

The black man replied “You can–just tie a string around it and hang weight on the end of the string. Put the weight down your pant leg, and you can have
one like mine.”

The white man thanked him for the suggestion and left.

Some weeks later, they met again in the lavatory.

The black man asked how the project was going.

“Great–I’m half way there!” “Really?” said the black man.

“Yes. It’s black!”

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