Last Updated on: 4th February 2017, 09:32 am

Here comes another bad psychic similar to Sylvia Mitchell. This one’s ploy kinda makes me laugh.

Apparently, Nancy Marks managed to convince a bunch of, well, marks, I guess, to hand over large amounts of cash because money is evil, so she should take it and make it suffer. Excuse me? And people fell for this? Oh yes, to the tune of thousands and thousands of dollars, and one woman borrowed money from her folks because the psychic said that money could make her parents have bad things happen to them. And what does this one woman mean in her police complaint when she says “The business advertises palm readings for small amounts of money, but there is no way a person can get out of the business without spending hundreds of dollars.” Oh yes there is. Say no. Say “I don’t think so. I came for a palm-reading and that’s all I want, thank ya very much.”

Even funnier is her other scheme. She would look at people’s credit card numbers to tell them if they had too many sixes. Then suddenly, the credit card would start getting charged. Too many sixes? This would be hilarious if it didn’t involve people getting robbed blind.

Well, now she’s caught. I’m not sure if there’s a picture of her, but I sure hope so. Please, folks, don’t fall for such horribly bad scams!

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