PPV Prediction Contest Update

Last Updated on: 3rd January 2017, 08:45 am

Quick PPV prediction contest update here.

When last I wrote about it, I was at 34 points after Wrestlemania. For some reason I never got updated standings after the last show, but from the looks of what I’m seeing in the update following Over the LimitEdge,I got 5 matches right at Extreme Rules, putting me at 39. As an aside, what does it say about how memorable wrestling shows are now that I had to look up the name of the last show to make sure it really was Extreme Rules? That show only happened on April 25th.

So anyway, now that Over the Limit is in the books I can update again. I didn’t have such a good night. I only got 3 right out of 8, which brings me up to 42 for the year. there is currently a 3-way tie for the lead, which right now stands at 50. If I’m going to catch up I’ve got some work to do and not much time in which to do it. I think there are only 2 or perhaps 3 events left to be counted before the contest ends. And for all those concerned, Ryan S. is still at 4, but if he tries really hard he might be able to pull out a victory.

Now for some quick PPV thoughts. Don’t watch it, it’s pretty much useless. The only things I’ll remember for sure are Randy Orton doing that stupid pound the mat during the setup for the RKO thing and popping his shoulder, and how moronic it was that after that match ended early they didn’t change plans and gave us a 5 minute Swagger vs. big show title match that ended in a disqualification. Even the I Quit Match which I thought might be pretty good wasn’t much to speak of. I spent most of the show saying 3 things to myself:

1. that wasn’t much of a match.
2. Why would they do that?
3. I’d be some pissed if I’d spent 40 bucks to watch this.

Yeah, that about covers it. Just a totally missable show that I don’t want to talk about anymore. I’ll be back later on to talk about something else that’s hopefully more fun.

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