>This Guy’s Wife Must Have Really Hated Him

>I know it’s not nice to make fun of the dead, but there are times when you simply can’t resist, like now for instance.

Meet Russell Walter McDermott, Jr of Bucks County Pennsylvania. A man who was probably not much different than you or I. He had a wife, a son and his own home and seemed to be making his way in the world, building a life for himself and his family until the unthinkable happened on August 10, 2002.

If you want to know what the unthinkable was, you’ll have to click on the link below. And when you do click on it, read it carefully paying special attention to who survives him, his cause of death and who added the record of his demise to the site. Trust me, it’s funny. I saw it over 15 minutes ago and it still cracks me up.

So how did Russell die?

And as if this couldn’t get any better, or worse depending on who you are, you can even leave comments for the dearly departed. Just remember that I’m not encouraging anybody to do anything and that if you do decide to offer some words of sympathy to this poor man and his family you are acting completely on your own. However having said that, if you do decide to leave a comment you can feel free to let me know about it.

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