Chicken Suit For The Poll?

Last Updated on: 27th January 2020, 08:59 am

Hmmm. Here’s a tricky one to wrap your head around.

Remember our buddy ol’ pal Sue bring a chicken to the doctor Lowden? Well, her health care idea has caused quite the stir. People have been showing up at polling places dressed as chickens, and Nevada’s Secretary of State has had enough. He banned people from coming to the polls dressed as chickens because he feels it could be electioneering for or against a candidate, since they are referencing Lowden with their chicken suits. But on the other side, freedom of speech folk say this opens the door to banning people for some random arbitrary thing and calling it electioneering, so they’ve been coming to the polls with their chicken suits on.

I can see both sides. There apparently is a law in Nevada saying that people can’t come within 100 feet of polling places wearing any sort of badge that promotes or goes against a candidate because it could sway voting. But people, if given the power, could use the law to ban any old thing.

I guess the ban isn’t working too well. Free speech activists are standing a little further than 100 feet with their chicken suits on, and polling folks have started quickly letting the chicken suits vote and then escorting them away. Either way, I don’t think Lowden will be forgotten.

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