These Are Your Balls. This Is Your Lack Of Balls After LSD. Any Questions?

Last Updated on: 23rd August 2020, 12:40 pm

Gees! If you ever get the strange desire to take LSD, don’t try any in Arcata, California. Police there have had to deal with one hell of a lot of people who are screwed up from the drug. They’re not sure if there’s some contaminated stuff going around, or if a lot of people have decided to try it, but either way, the results aren’t good.

I’d say the first case was the worst by far. Medics
called police from the area to help them with a patient who had just castrated himself. The problem was they couldn’t find the severed balls anywhere. Eventually, he told them he flushed them down the john because they had monsters in them.

Yikes. Now that’s a bad trip. Betcha he regrets that decision when he comes to his senses. Can you imagine him on one of those “don’t do drugs” videos? I think that’d scare a few people.

I find it fitting that the medics came from an ambulance service with the words “Mad River” in its name. Maybe the LSD came in contact with Mad River.

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