The Huppy Is 1!

Last Updated on: 24th October 2014, 08:54 am

I feel silly writing about this, but oh well.

Yesterday, the neighbour’s baby, who I call the huppy, turned 1! Yup, The little guy is a year old. Where exactly did that year go? I think the huppy ate it.

I remember the day he was born. I was going to take Trixie for a bath, and the huppy’s dad was at work. I didn’t much like it if the huppy’s mom was alone, or alone in a place where she couldn’t get a cell phone signal, like the storage or laundry room in our building. I was all silly and protective, and chased her around that week. If she said she was doing laundry, I was on her tail. Same with moving things into storage. Heck, I went with her to the store for no apparent reason. So I was feeling guilty about taking Trixie to the groomers, and was planning on calling and seeing if I could pick another day. Then I got a call from a very relaxed-sounding huppy’s mom. She was at the hospital and they were pretty sure the huppy was going to be born that day. So I didn’t have to worry. She was in good hands.

I came home from Trixie’s bath, and asked Steve if the little guy had arrived yet, and he said no. Then, we finally got the call. The huppy’s dad said he arrived, and mom and baby were well!

I remember calling the huppy’s mom and asking when I could come see her. Somehow, I got it all mixed up, and thought I could come after 8 o’clock. So, I made sure that I would arrive after 8 o’clock. The only thing was visiting hours were *before* 8. But the nurses were very understanding, and I got to see the little guy.

Man he was such a cutey. It freaks me out to think of how small he was compared to him now. I was afraid to even touch him, for fear I’d break him. I think Trixie must have thought he looked weird too.

Now, he’s a year old, trying to stand, crawling, babbling, and starting to show exactly who he is. Saturday, there’s a party for him. Happy birthday, Huppy!

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