I heard about this on Friday, and went out to find it.

Apparently some people over at 4chan, the same people who tricked people into shaving their heads for Justin Bieber, convincing them he had cancer, cooked up another doozer. It looked like an Apple ad for iOS7, except this ad told people that simply upgrading their phone’s software would waterproof their phones. Some of the versions of the ad went as far as to say that waterproofing would now fall under warranty. Yeah…how about no?

By the sounds of it, it shot around Twitter and Facebook like gangbusters, and according to some tweets, some people may have fallen for it.

I’d like to hope that the tweets were faked, causing a reverse hoax, but…people have nuked their iPhones, ya know.

Also, from what I remember, there were quite a few shaved heads after the Bald For Bieber prank, so…yes, people can be that stupid.

*flop* But hey, maybe one of the people who dunked their phone was the woman in this video.

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