Happy Canada Day 2010!

Last Updated on: 1st May 2014, 09:37 am

Canadian Flag
Photo fromHerman H. Cheung’s Flikr Photostream.

The Moosehead is chillin’, the CFL season starts today and there’s Blue Jays baseball this afternoon but not, you know, here in our country or anything. All of this can mean only one thing: Today is Canada Day! Happy 143rd birthday to you, you awesome country you! Honestly, you don’t look a day over 142.

Whatever you have planned for the day, make sure it’s safe and happy, unless of course people’s safety and happiness interferes with your fun.Here’s a little Stompin’ tom to get your day off to the proper start.

Also, happy anniversary Ann, and happy 4th of July to all of our American readers. We actually have a lot more of you than we do Canadians, oddly enough. That’s something to work on over the next year, Canada. Come on, le’ts step it up!

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