Yet Another Guide Dog Attack

Last Updated on: 4th May 2016, 12:29 pm

Every time I read about another guide dog attack, I shiver, and am thankful I have not had to deal with an attack that ended Trix’s career or caused injuries that required veterinary care.

What is with people walking dogs that they can’t control, or walking too many of them. If you can’t handle two big dogs, then for the love of Pete, don’t. Get someone else to help you walk one of them, or walk them separately. Do not endanger the llives of others because you don’t want to admit that they’re too much dog for you.

And when something happens, don’t be a fucking coward and walk off with your dogs. If you think having the dogs near the guide dog might aggrovate things, tell the handler you’re going to put the dogs somewhere and come back to help. Don’t just leave. You forget that that guide dog is that person’s eyes.

I think this article is great, and we need more reporters to do such a thorough job.

I hope poor Cheryl Godley and Diaz will be ok. Poor Diaz, so new and this is one of his first experiences.

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