Help My Cousin Raise Money For The Underwear Affair

Last Updated on: 9th September 2022, 06:36 pm

This is just a quick plug for my cousin Brad. I think I’ve briefly mentioned his wedding, although it was sandwiched in among talk of the place where we stayed. Anyway, he’s walking in an event called The Underwear Affair 2010 in Ottawa. Basically, it’s an event raising money for a cure for those cancers below the belt that nobody wants to talk about. Everybody who’s either running in the 10 K run or the 5 K walk is doing it in their underwear! Shiver, I hope it’s going to be warm on September 11, because that’s when they’re doing it.

They have a reason to do it that’s close to home. Brad’s wife Kelly’s brother Luke was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer. So, they’ve decided to get out there and raise money with him in mind.

If you’re feeling generous, you can slip him or his wife a few bucks. It looks like Brad is beating his goal, but maybe we can help him beat it just a little more. His wife is almost there. Let’s help her get there. Here’s Brad’s page, and here’s Kelly’s page.

The site has mild accessibility issues, but if you just go slow, you should find what you’re looking for. My biggest problem was the labeling of the radio buttons for choosing a card type. I had no problem with these, but I know when GDB did their donation form like this, Voiceover-users had a hell of a time. They have radio buttons and then graphical logos for the credit card types. Somehow, VO couldn’t tie the two together. So Visa is the first radio button, then Mastercard, then American Express. Everything else was pretty easy.

I hope they have a good walk, but more importantly, I hope Luke beats his cancer. And if anyone else lives in the area and feels like stripping down to their underwear and doing a run, have a look at the course.

I’ll be watching the weather forecast on September 11. Have a good day, everyone.

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