>Lose The Silicone, Get A Ringtone?

Last Updated on: 24th April 2012, 10:41 am

>Dr Hideto Tomabechi thinks he’s created the perfect way to enlarge women’s breasts. I think he’s full of shit.

According to this story, he has gone on Discovery Channel with this breakthrough. He thinks by including a subliminal baby cry in a sound clip, and then having women play it, they will subconsciously go into “motherhood mode” and their breasts will fill with milk and then they will stay large.

Ok, if all it took to get a woman to lactate was a baby’s cry, we’d all be walking milk pitchers right now. It ain’t that easy. Sure, if you’re already nursing and you hear a baby’s cry, it can make some women leak, but the cry isn’t enough to make the breasts start producing milk. There’s a whole lot of hormonal involvement in there.

Second, I’m sure the commentary on the sound is a joke, but the idea of “secretly” enlarging your female significant other’s breasts by sticking headphones on her while she sleeps or putting it on as a ringtone on her phone is just laughable. She’s going to notice that awful combination of porn music, ducks, vacuum cleaners and Starsky and Hutch being piped into her ears, and if she doesn’t like it as her ringtone, she will change it. Oh, and if you call your girlfriend 20 times a day for no apparent reason, you may not have a girlfriend at the end of the 20 day test period.

And finally, if there’s no baby, the milk isn’t going to stay around. That’s why women dry up after a while. Dude, did you not do any research on lactation?

This screams fake fake fake to me.

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