Mmm, Heavenly Ash!

Last Updated on: 11th February 2017, 02:15 pm

While I was out with my parents, mom saw a sign advertising an icecream store called Marble Slab Creamery. The first words out of her mouth were “Ya know, when I hear ‘marble slab’, the first thing I think is death!” And she’s right! If I didn’t know about the existence of this Marble Slab place, if someone said something about a new Marble Slab coming here, I’d be wondering why they’d be so excited about a morg.

And then you hear that it’s a creamery. Creamery? Crematorium? Hmmm. Too close.

I decided to find out why they call themselves Marble Slab. I found their about us page, which is next to impossible to find since every time you click “about us” on their page, it goes to their contact area. But I googled it and this is what it says.

The Marble Slab Creamery experience starts when you enter one of our stores and are immediately greeted by the aroma of our freshly-baked waffle cones, available in a variety of flavors ranging from Vanilla Cinnamon to Dark Chocolate with Butterfinger®.

Then comes the moment of choice—discovering which one of our delicious, homemade, ice cream flavors is perfect for you. Will it be a traditional favorite such as Sweet Cream, Chocolate Swiss or Strawberry? Or perhaps a more unique flavor like Cheesecake, Chocolate Amaretto or Butter Pecan?

Once your desired flavor has been selected, the magic begins. We scoop the ice cream onto a frozen marble slab, where your choice of fruits, nuts and candies, known as Marble Slab Creamery “mixins,” will be skillfully blended in with the ice cream, then finally piled high on the delectable waffle cone of your choosing. The result is your very own, one-of-a-kind dessert. From there, repeat as desired, which will probably be often.

Om nom nom. Steve, we have to find this place.

At least now we know why they chose the name marble slab. But still! What an odd name for an ice cream place!

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