Donna Jodhan Wishes To See The Federal Government In Court

Last Updated on: 4th November 2013, 09:16 am

Well looky here, if it isn’t our old buddy Donna Jodhan, only this time, she’s in the news! She’s suing the government because apparently, she couldn’t apply for a job online without sighted help.

You know what? I’d be right behind her, because often times, forms are not accessible, and even the people who want to make their forms accessible fail. But part of me wants to see the forms she tried to fill out, because judging from some of her blog posts, I’m amazed she’s certified in anything. Takethis one, for example. What in the blue bloody hell is she on about? Also, she seems completely unaware of other measures she could use to prevent spam, and falls back on the old inaccessible CAPTCHA. So, while she’s suing the government, she should sue herself. Let me verify that the captcha is still in effect. Yes it is. And it is letters, for which Google *never* has an audio alternative. You hear me, google? Knock knock? Fix that! And even if it does, she is still locking out the blind and hearing impaired and those who do not have the applications to play the audio CAPTCHA. It’s inaccessible, Donna. You are preventing your own audience from commenting. I just have an iron will and if I feel strongly enough about whatI have to say, I will go to the trouble of breaking your CAPTCHA barrier. Most of us simply don’t care that much.

So, good luck to you, if the forms were truly inaccessible. But I have a hard time supporting a supposed advocate with such a defeatist attitude who is bent on blocking out her blind peers.

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