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Last Updated on: 19th May 2020, 08:39 pm

I’m such a neurotic weirdo. I can’t believe I’m doing this.

I was watching Cash Cab, you know how much I love Cash Cab. At one point, he asked something about a dog with powerful jaws and asked which one it was that was named after Canada’s eastern-most province. The answer was Newfoundlander. Whatever. But one of the passengers said “Labrador”, and poor Adam said that Labrador retriever was not a breed of working dog. Ahem. I beg to differ. Unless he defines working dog a little more, there are about a zillion working Labrador Retrievers out there.

There seems to be no way to directly email Adam, probably a good thing for his sake given some of the morons who might track him down, so I thought I’d leave it in a comment thread, and here’s why I’m posting about it here. There doesn’t seem to be a captcha of any kind…but my comment never appears, and I can’t find anything that says comments are moderated! And it looks weird. The submit thingy doesn’t show up as a link, but it appears to do stuff when you hit it.

So…here’s where I commented. Somebody either let me know if my poor comments, I left two of them because I wasn’t sure if the first one took, ever see the light of day, or tell me what I have to do to make the submit thing work. If you write nothing in the field, it does yelp and scream when you hit the submit graphic, so that leads me to believe that comments are moderated. But why don’t they say they’re moderated? Is it a common practice to moderate comments and not say whether they are or are not moderated? And why did the moderators let through some of that garbage I see?

I’m such a dork. All that for a little thing. But I’m silly like that.

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