The Word Of The Day Is The.

Last Updated on: 7th July 2021, 07:39 pm

For as long as we’ve been tracking how people get here and what they’re looking for to get them here, our top keyword has had a story behind it. With our old tracker, our top keyword was “Randy”. This was caused by the flurry of folks looking for Randy Orton’s penis. For a while, it was “herbal”. This happened when I made fun of the spam I received from the “herbal king”. After the Jonathan G. Parker explosion, it was Jonathan. Then I posted about the suicide of Motty Borger, and holy hell, Borger shot to the top in record time. There was always a story, a reason for the new top keyword.

But today, Steve looked and said we had a new top keyword. I couldn’t believe this was possible. No crazy new thing had been climbing at a rate that would allow it to take over top spot. Do you want to know what this mover and shaker is? It is…

“The”! Seriously. Our new top keyword is “the”. We are going to be stuck with the most boring top keyword ever until something can come along and knock it down. Of all the words people could type into google, the one most often in queeries that leads them to us is “the”. Snore. Now I’m hoping for a search explosion of something, anything, so we aren’t stuck with “the” as our highest-ranking keyword for too long. Now that I’ve said that, “and” will shoot right up there.

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