Should I Try James Ready?

Last Updated on: 17th October 2014, 05:12 pm

If I had to pick, I think my three favourite beers in no particuloar order would be Moosehead, Sleeman Honey Brown and Stone Hammer Dark. But having said that, I don’t mind some of the cheap stuff either. Lakeport Honey Lager, in my opinion, is about as good as it gets in that department.

I mention this because I want to throw out a question in the hope that somebody might be able to answer it. Ok, that was kind of a stupid thing to write because honestly, why else would you throw out a question? But anyway, back to the point.

I heard a commercial on the radio the other day for a discount beer called James Ready. I haven’t had a chance to ask anybody I know if they’ve had it and what they think, so since some of you I know, some of you I feel like I know, some of you I’ve never spoken to but would probably get along with if I did get to know you and still more of you are the insane people from“You are here?”,I thought I’d ask you. Before I drop the $28.10 on a case, is James Ready or James Ready Original Ale any good? And whether you liked them or not, what beer or beers did they remind you of? I’m going to assume that the James Ready Light sucks because basically without fail I can’t stand light beer, but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong there.

Thanks in advance for your help. And in exchange for it, I’ll go ahead and offer up a discount beer tip of my own. Whatever Lakeport Honey has in goodness, Lakeport Red has all of it and more in god friggin awfulness. Stay the hell away from it unless you’re not planning to have any more than about 1 and a half of them in a sitting and are prepared to drink them quickly enough that they won’t become anything resembling warmish. Even when the bottle is still cold to the touch, the beer inside starts getting that warm, flat yet overly strong alcohol taste that a lot of beers get when you’re near the bottom of one you’ve left sitting in the sun or been holding in your hand for too long.

Until we talk again, have a good Friday afternoon and a beer, everyone.

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