What A Crappy Contractor

Last Updated on: 20th February 2014, 09:07 am

Yuck! I have no other words, just yuck!

I guess the lesson learned from this story is if you have to have guys doing work in your yard, check for presents after they’re gone.

The homeowner said upon arrival, the men got busy cutting trees. He then noticed one worker climb down, open a red backpack, grab some toilet paper and walk behind his home. A few minutes later, he said he watched the first tree trimmer hand off the roll of toilet paper to the other worker, and watched the second guy stroll off towards the back yard.

After the men had left, the homeowners said they went to find out what happened in their back yard. They were repulsed by what they found behind a shed. They were especially concerned because their four-year-old son likes to play by the shed. The two men had apparently defecated on their property. There was no attempt to bury the feces. It was left in full view.

Eeewww! And they brought toilet paper, which means they’ve done this before! Guys, use a washroom! Either ask to use the washroom of the house where you’re working, or take a goddamn walk to find a store or a gas station or something! Don’t just take a dump in their yard!

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