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Last Updated on: 19th April 2019, 10:44 pm

Now that I’ve got my email fixed, it’s ramblin’ time!

I’m so happy that winter was not too bad to us, but I’m even happier that spring just might be on its way. It’ll take me a long time to truly believe it’s here since winter never really got going, but whatever this weather is, I’m enjoying it.

I’ve noticed lately that Trix has this new bizarre morning ritual. She comes out, heads for Steve, snorts, and spits all over him! She never does this to me, just poor Steve! And I swear she makes sure to maximize how much of him gets the snort shower. What the hell does that mean?

The other day Steve and I were watching Investigation Discovery, a channel all about looking into violent crimes, forensics, all that sort of stuff. There are lots of stories about dismembered corpses and such. There’s this commercial for St. Ives lotion that plays all the damn time on there. Here’s the commercial. What does it sing about? Body parts! That would be perfectly innocent, except for what most of the content of the channel is? Hands, shoulders knees and toes…some in the river, some in concrete. Thighs and heels…in a dumpster. Ankles and elbows…in a bag. You get the idea. If I ever bought that lotion, I wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about gory murders.

A long time ago, I talked about how when Trix was new, I would do stupid things like tell my friends to come and heel. Well, I did it again the other day, to the huppy! At least I had half an excuse that day. He was wearing one of those kid leashes and I was holding it. His mom had to go to the ER and didn’t know how she’d manage the Huppy too. I said I’d help but he had to wear his little harness dealy. I had to hold onto it when they had a look at her, and I wanted him right beside me. Without thinking I said “heel!” Then I laughed out loud.

The other day, I had it brought home to me how we truly are spoiled by technology. Our internet broke down. That sounds like an odd sentence next to talking about being spoiled, but just wait. I had some things that really needed doing, so Steve and I decided screw waiting for the internet. We’d just go to a restaurant that has free Wifi and get things done. And so…off to the Baker Street Station we went, ate some yummy food, and I clickity typety sent my emails.

Seriously, how cool is that? Years ago, we would have been waiting for our internet. But the other day we just picked up the office and took it elsewhere. When we got our stuff done, we came back home, and hey, would ya look at that? Internet! We really are sitting in a chair in the sky.

I mentioned a while ago that I found myself a dentist. Thankfully I doubt she’ll be a scary dentist. She’s actually pretty cool. She loves dogs, and after we’re done, I take Trix’s harness off and let her pet the ol’ boodog. By consequence, Trix loves the dentist’s office. There’s a small part of me that wonders if she enjoys taking me in there because they do things to me in there, not her, but she still gets lots of love. But oh man does she love going to the door. It makes people laugh who see it. I was also relieved that the high pitched noises of the equipment didn’t bother her. She just lies still and is a perfect pooch.

And I think that’s all I’ve got for this installment of Carin bores the bejeebers out of readers, then disappears. Get out and enjoy today, it’s supposed to be awesome.

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  1. >the crazy thing about the spoiled by technology idea is that there are people almost old enough to be reading this who would look at it and go "um…guys? Wifi is everywhere. We've always had it. Get a life."

    We grew up in such an odd time. We started out when computers were just getting into homes in a big way. We went through school writing everything out or typing in old ass versions of Word Perfect or BEX…or even on typewriters! We got a little older, and maybe 17 people in a 200 mile area had this internet stuff. Now we can eat onion rings, drink beer and send email in somebody's restaurant without paying out the ass for it and without hooking anything to anything else.

    I know other generations have things like that. TV, cars, radio, but it's really something to live through the change and to be able to look back on a time when stuff didn't exist and actually remember it.

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