An Alternative Flash Player Updater Update

Last Updated on: 10th December 2017, 11:27 am

Hmmm. I can see many long-winded titles in my future.

Well, Mr. is very very fast on the email! I’ve already got a response, and it appears I was unfair to the poor fellow.

Somehow, when the dialog was written, the don’t install and install buttons have been rendered completely screenreader-invisible. So all I see is back, next, and cancel. So of course it appeared to me that he was foisting software. But if you click next without choosing one of these buttons, it yelps “Please select an option.” But I can’t select an option. If only I could!

He was absolutely mortified that the thing might possibly be forcing software on folks, and wanted screenshots. I sent a screenshot and explained the blind guy thing. Hopefully he understands.

There is hope! With any luck, we’ll have a solution shortly.

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