I Smell Captcha Trouble On The Horizon

Last Updated on: 13th March 2017, 10:40 am

Remember back when I was celebrating the arrival of WebVisum, and I said I knew I wouldn’t be putting those stupid verification thingies in their place forever because they would always evolve and cause more misery? Well, here comes the pain. YUNiTi has come up with a new captcha that’s supposed to be easier to solve because it’s based on 3D images. It’s easy for all of those with eyeballs, but once again, if these take hold without a viable alternative for blind and deafblind users, we’re screwed all over again.

I tried to contact the folks at YUNiTi, but of course, their contact form is sealed by one of these captchas. So I emailed the author of the article and asked him…I think it’s a him…to pass on my message, or let me know the email address of someone to contact at YUNiTi. He did both of those things, with stunning speed. I also contacted the folks at WebVisum to let them know of this new captcha style.

If others feel the same way, I hope they will do the same. Maybe if YUNiTi hears enough voices, they will realize that although we’re a minority, we’re not that small, and if WebVisum hears from enough of us, they might be able to dream up something. who knows?

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