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Last Updated on: 12th June 2018, 09:11 am

It seems Ashley Kirilow may have some company in the faking cancer for fun and profit department.

A 21-year-old woman from Timmins isunder investigation and facing fraud chargesafter a supporter who had become suspicious of her went to police with some concerns. The scale of what Jessica Ann Leeder is believed to have done isn’t known since the investigation is still in its very early stages, but police say that it may have been going on for a year or more.

Police in Timmins accuse Leeder of pretending to have stomach and lung cancer and accepting personal donations from supporters.

“We are alleging she doesn’t and has never had cancer,” said Timmins police Sgt. Danny Charest.

Leeder, who police believe may originally be from the Orillia area — about 130 km north of Toronto — was arrested Friday without incident.

Interestingly though it means next to nothing in the grand scheme of things, Ashley Kirilow’s middle name is also Anne, only with an E.

Leeder is scheduled for a bail hearing sometime today.

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