>The Good Old VC, Now With A Way Back And Not So Way Back Machine!

>Update: I removed the thing. It wasn’t crawling pages very well at all, and the only suggested way to fix it isn’t accessible unless somebody knows something about dragging and dropping page elements in Blogger using JAWS that I don’t. Sorry to those who enjoyed it, and to everyone else, your welcome.

By now you should know how this works. I tell you I’ve messed with something, I say I hope it works and that you enjoy it and then you tell me whether or not I’ve gone and fucked things up to a massive degree.

So…we have related posts under each entry now. We’ve wanted that for a while, but haven’t found the right gizmo what for making it possible. Enter LinkWithin. I’ve seen it used elsewhere and it looked promising, so here it be.

It more than likely hasn’t finished indexing the site yet, so some of its suggestions might be kind of unrelated for a while. But when I showed it to Carin it was already coming up with things we could trace back to other things, so there’s hope.

We hope you have fun seeing some of the things you missed and revisiting stuff you may have forgotten from years past. And be sure to let us know if it’s broken. I set it up, so it probably is.

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