All I Really Need Is A Song In My…Belly?

Last Updated on: 30th September 2014, 05:26 pm

Fredrik Hjelmqvist, please explain to me why on earth anyone else would want to play audio from their stomach. You did it, and you’re weird, but why in hell would anyone else want to?

Yup, that’s what he did. The owner of a hi-fi equipment shop put a battery-powered device inside a capsule and swallowed it. Then he took out a stethoscope, found the music, connected the stethoscope to an amplifier and now everyone could hear “YMCA” and “I will Survive.” But the sound quality was bad, duh.

The frightening part is he wants to sell this invention. Why? The only group I can see jumping on this bandwagon would be wacky pregnant moms who want their babies to hear music. But um, then the babies get an up close and personal encounter with batteries and electronics, and is that a good idea? Just stick to singing to your little guy.

But seriously, who else would buy this thing, and for 17 grand? What purpose could it possibly serve? I like to think I’m imaginative, but this one is lost on me. And should one really be swallowing batteries and electronic parts?

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