Another Web Accessibility Survey

Last Updated on: 30th December 2015, 06:11 pm

I received this survey yesterday, and filled it out this morning. I asked the creater of the survey if it would be ok if I posted it on the blog. The answer was yes, so up it goes. You know what to do.

Hi all,

As part of a potential publication, I’m conducting research related to website accessibility. I would really appreciate for you to send me a quick email answering these three questions.

Please only answer if you are a screen reader user.

First, please put “[research]”, that’s left-bracket, research,
right-bracket, in the subject line of the email.

My email address is:
sbahram (at) ncsu (dot) edu

Question 1:
What website or websites do you find the most accessible. Please list full URL’s.

Question 2:
What website or websites do you find the least accessible. Please list full URL’s.

Question 3:
What website, or websites, do you have to use, whether it be for work, school, business, or anything else, even though they might not be as accessible as you prefer? Please list full URL’s.

Optional section:

Feel free to explain your answers further in this section; for example, why you feel a certain website is accessible or not

Thank you so much for your participation. If I don’t get at least 20 or 30 respondents, we won’t really be able to use the data, so please forward this to anyone at all who uses a screen reader.

Your provided URL’s will of course be made anonymous as soon as I get them.

Thanks again

Take care,

I made the symbols into words in the email address, so turn them back into what is required. Help out if you can.

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