Somebody Else Thinks We’re Awesome!

Trixie speaks
Trixie here. Man, it’s a beautiful day. The weather knob is still kind of c-c-c-c-cold, but not too bad. I think the guy in the sky might be moving the weather knob to the place where I like it.

Awesome Blog award badge: A white square shaded with gray lines with a pink rectangle overlaying it that contains white text reading: This blog has been given a... and in black text on the big gray white main square text reads: awesome blog award. And then on the bottom right there's a black starburst kind of shape that contains smaller pink and white text that reads: Nominated for being so damn awesome. So Cessna, who I’ve never met, has decided that this place needs an award or something. Cool! Is an award like a treat? Maybe it’s a bone! Hmmm that picture doesn’t look like a treat or a bone. What fun is there in that? Oh well, Carin seems happy with that, and when she’s happy, I’m happy too. Happy happy bounce bounce!

So there are rules. Hmmm rules. So many rules. If we’re to get this treat bone award thing, I have to link to the person who gave it to us. Ok I did that. Then I have to share 7 things about myself. Hmmm. And I have to give this treat bone thing to 15 other blogs! Hmmm.

Seven things about me. What could I possibly tell you that you don’t already know? I mean, Carin goes and tells you guys about my strange poops and green pee! What have I left that I could share? Hmmm.

  1. I have more grey on my face. More people comment on it. But lots of people still think I’m a puppy, so I guess I can’t be that grey.
  2. Snow tastes good. Om nom nom. But then I really have to pee. Gee I wonder why.
  3. I still don’t know what to make of the huppy. If I’m loose in the house, I like to run after him, but if I’m on leash and he comes toward me, I back up. Huppy can walk now, but he’s not much bigger than me, and that’s just weird.
  4. I can tell time. You didn’t think a dog could tell time, did ya? Well, come around here near food o’clock and other food o’clock, the humans call that 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. whatever that means. and you’ll see that I know how to tell time.
  5. I hate puddles. Hate ’em hate ’em hate ’em! And I wish they’d fix that giant lump in the sidewalk. They’re making my job harder.
  6. I love the shoe thief. I can smell him from far far away.
  7. and ya know, I think Rosamae and I can get along not too badly! She doesn’t go up and down, up and down on me anymore and she doesn’t run after me all the time. I just have to make sure I get to my bed first.

Ok there’s 7 things. I don’t think they’re all new, but hey, there they are. But this 15 other people thing. I don’t know. If I could smell them, maybe I could give them an award by smell. But ya can’t sniff a blog. Carin, how about you do this part. I’d rather chew an award.

Gees, Trix, leave me with the hard stuff why don’t ya?

Funny she should want to chew on a bone. I think the first blog that should get an awesome blog award is No Bones About It: Guide Dogs for the Blind’s Blog. If there’s anything GDB related going on, they’re on top of it.

Next up, because I think she is overdue for an award or six, I nominate Ro from In the Center of the Roof. You and Jayden just keep being awesome. Write stories, or write about baseball, or offer tips on how to do x, y, or z, write about whatever ya like. We’ll keep reading.

Next is our buddy J. J, you rock, and keep on rockin’. Also I hope I’ll see you in a month or so when we celebrate with Shoe all over again.

I sure can’t forget our buddy who writes at He even has a dog training e-book!

It’s a good thing I’m writing this part, because Trix wouldn’t know what to say about Accessibility News. They send out a weekly newsletter and cover news stories about accessibility from all over the world.

And whenever there are awards to give out, I’m always ready to give Andrea, AKA the fairies and elves division, a great big award. Without Andrea, we wouldn’t have had a template upgrade.

Our next recipient is James who writes at Welcome to Nowhere. We knew him from school, and he has a pretty cool blog. And hey, he may just be helping us migrate this behemoth over to WordPress.

Anybody with the talent to train her own service dog, the ability to write like she does, and the creativity to come up with something like the Assistance Dog blog carnival deserves an award. I know you already got one, but Sharon from After Gadget, have another.

I know I’ve given Jill awards before, but it always feels good to give her another one. She hasn’t written in a while, but what is up there is beautiful. You know it’s beautiful, because dumbnuts keep stealing it and claiming it’s there own. But we know the truth. Plus, she’s awesome for her thought-provoking comments over here on the comet. Hey Jill, how’s life treatin’ ya? Come back soon.

Another one who hasn’t written in a while is Ann. She writes more frequently over here, but where we met her was the other place. She’s definitely way cool. I admire her determination, her ability to put things so clearly, and all the things that make her so cool that I couldn’t possibly wrap up in a neat little package. Some day, maybe I’ll meet her in person.

This isn’t quite a blog, but what the heck? Another newsletter-like thing that deserves an award is Top Tech Tidbits. It’s because of them that I hear about all kinds of new stuff right when it happens. Top Tech Tidbits, you make it easier for me to keep afloat on the technology river.

And I can’t forget Blind Bargains. Not only did they lead me to my eyeballs in a box, but they have lots of interviews, live audio at conventions, and other cool stuff.

I’m always a big fan of Randy Cassingham, first because of his “This Is True” newsletter. But now he has a blog, where you can read all kinds of things, and not just wacky news stories. Sometimes he follows up on a story, sometimes he just makes you think. Either way, it’s a good read.

Here’s another one that’s a slight bend to the rules. Does a YouTube channel count? Well, it does today. Growing Up Guide Pup is cool for so many reasons. First, how often do you get the chance to watch a series which details all the experiences that a raiser could possibly expose their pup to? Plus, they explain all kinds of details to Joe Public, so hopefully it’ll be easier for us. And finally, just imagine how cool this channel will be for whoever gets Ricki for the long hall? Awesome! I would kill for a Trixie video series.

And just to bring this full circle, my final nomination goes to L^2 of Dog’s Eye View. For one, she’s fun. Second, she’s saved my butt several times on Twitter digging weird video links out of places and stuff. Third, she sells a t-shirt that Steve is now anxiously waiting for in the mail, and she even made Ro possibly the best shirt ever. You rock, L^2.

Wow, that took a while. But I didn’t mind one second of it. So here’s to the 15 latest recipients of the Awesome Blog Award. Now I should head outside. Trix says it’s pee o’clock, and she’s right!.

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