A Half Apology, A War On Spam And Some New Words For Snowstorm

Last Updated on: 16th January 2017, 05:32 pm

Even though it’s for your own good in the long run, I sort of feel like Carin and I might owe an undetermined number of you a bit of an explanation/apology for yesterday.

I have no idea how far this spread since everyone on Twitter doesn’t follow everyone else, but yesterday morning, after making the mistake of talking about Visas the night before, the both of us woke up to an absolute deluge of spam mentions. We reported them as such, but also happened to start a conversation about bad words to say on Twitter. Well, one thing led to another and before we could say wouldn’t it be cool to round up a bunch of people and get all of them to hang out some magic spammer bait words so the spammers can talk to us all and then we’ll whack ’em, we’d rounded up a bunch of people who had a great time hanging out magic spammer bait words and reporting everyone who dared try selling us credit cards, iPhones, pizza coupons, diet pills…you get the idea.

Again, no clue how runaway this train got, but our little core group is still kind of at it today, and Carin and I both got comments from people throughout yesterday telling us how great an idea this was. So for all we know there could be other armies of spam baiters out there now, fighting the good fight. Were I the type to believe in stuff like there being a lord, I’d think we are definitely doing his work. I’m sure the world will never defeat spam entirely, but if a few of us can beat it back and make life hell on even one of these sumbitches, it’s all worth it.

but back to absolute deluges. If you ended up getting flattened by a torrent of tweets about credit cards and loans being used to buy iPhones on which to order pizza and Viagra, we’re maybe just a touch sorry about that. but remember, we’re only trying to help. And if you’re so inclined, feel free to join the cause. Help us clean up Twitter, one marketing dickhead at a time.

On another note, if you’re anything like myself and Carin, you’re about quarter past tired of hearing people saying things like snowmageddon and Snowpocalypse when talking about snowstorms. It was funny once, but I forget when that was. We’ve decided that the world needs some new words, and that those words should be used as a teaching tool to get people interested in current events or even increase celebrity awareness, not that that second one is really a good idea. We only have a few so far, so feel free to help us out. Maybe we can cause more trouble on Twitter or something.

Ok, here’s the list as it stands now.

  • Snowsni Mubarak
  • Snowbodan Milošević
  • snowmar Gaddafi
  • Snowe Piscosnow
  • Yes, that one’s probably too easy.

  • Snowddam Hussein
  • Snowsama Bin Laden
  • Snowlin Powell

If you’ve got anymore, emails, comments and tweets are welcomed.

And now that I have wasted your time with whatever this post was, I shall move on. Good day, everyone.

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