Morons Have Been Located, No Sign of Baals though

Last Updated on: 15th July 2019, 04:17 pm

I thought I’d post a couple of updates to some other stories we’ve done recently that had, hmmm, interesting names in them.

Remember the building to be named Harry Baals Government Center? Well, despite an overwhelming majority voting for that name, it will be called Citizens Square. The lame answer that was given as to why they wouldn’t name it after the ex mayor was “They didn’t want to name it after any person.” Translation? If we named it after another person who wasn’t as well-liked just because he didn’t have a name like Harry Baals, the Harry Baals fans would be mad. So, don’t name it after anyone.

And in more happy news, the fugitive Moron has been arrested. I’m sure anyone who knew him would feel better already.

And that’s it for now.

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