Watch Out For Your Voting Location Has Been Changed Hoax Calls

Last Updated on: 31st October 2019, 12:44 pm

Update: Here is a more complete story from the Mercury. The previous link was a note on the paper’s election blog, but this has much more information. Whoever’s doing this is really making a day of it. Complaints are said to be numbering in the hundreds, swamping elections Canada’s local office here. I’m not sure what it means that some of the phone numbers given to call for more information seem to connect people to messages from Conservatives, but I’m hoping it’s just part of whatever stupid trick these people are playing and not some sort of vote suppressing tactic orchestrated by somebody working on behalf of the party. I would hate to think that the Conservative Party would stoop to something like this. Your candidates not showing up for debates and interviews is one thing, but making it difficult for citizens to vote is another thing entirely.

Original post is below…

No idea who’s responsible for this, but the Guelph Mercury is reporting that its office is being flooded with calls from people who have received messages by phone saying that their voting locations for today have been changed to 1 Quebec Street.

I’ve been hearing about this for the last couple of days from Guelph and other parts of the country, but I guess whoever’s behind it must have stepped up the effort.

Just to be clear, your polling station hasn’t changed unless Elections Canada says it has. These calls are a hoax designed to make voting difficult or impossible for you. If you get one of these calls, pay its message no mind. But if you can, write down the number that phoned you in case there’s an investigation into where this is coming from.

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