Eating At Burger King Is Dangerous Enough Without Managers Trying To Stab You For Complaining

I’m beginning to wonder if perhaps this restaurant employees attacking customers instead of the other way around stuff is more common than I thought.

The lawsuit, filed October 1st, claims the incident happened in June 2013. According to the lawsuit, the customer said he asked for warmer food and the manager, Francisco Berrera, wasn’t pleased.
The customer claimed Berrera then told another employee, in Spanish, “…he doesn’t even know what I’m going to return it and do whatever I want to it and he’ll still eat it…” However, the customer understood every single word. He refused the food and asked Berrera for a refund.
The lawsuit claims that Berrera said no and that’s when things got violent. The customer said Berrera would soon attack him, by lunging at him with a taser in one hand and a switchblade in the other. Berrera was arrested and charged with aggravated battery with deadly weapon.

The customer, only identified in the story as the customer, the plaintiff or a New Mexico man has sued Burger King, as you may have gathered from the bit quoted above.

His suit is about more than simply being attacked over cold onion rings, however. It also alleges that there have been problems at other Burger Kings in the state run by the same group that owns this one, including an incident where a worker put dish sanitizer on somebody’s french fries. I’ve eaten at Burger King, and that actually kind of sounds like a bit of an upgrade.

None of the allegations have been proven, though it’s worth noting that Berrera, who the suit also claims had been violent with other customers and coworkers in the past, plead guilty to the charge in the onion rings case. That puts Burger King in a pretty tight spot should it plan to defend itself rather than settle, I’d think.

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