What’s That, The Creepy Pervert Pose?

Last Updated on: 1st November 2013, 09:19 am

This story about a man hiding in a portable toilet tank at a yoga festival made me think of Our buddy ol’ pal Gary Moody. We don’t know if this guy is him, but I’m very curious.

A woman went in to use the facilities, and noticed something moving in the tank. She left and got a guy to look at it. He saw it too so they got security to wait for him. They asked him to sit down, but he somehow got away. But they knew the man they asked to sit down had just come from the john tank, he was covered in crap. Ug!

Funniest to me was the fact that they didn’t know how he managed to squish himself into the tank. Maybe he learned some good Yoga poses.

Also chuckle-worthy was a button right below the story. JAWS read it as graphic button 1 bm. Hmmm. How appropriate.

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