More Cancer Fakers Taking Their Lumps From The Legal System

Last Updated on: 19th March 2014, 08:58 pm

What is up with all the cancer fakery? I have two more stories, so I think it’s time to make a tag. I also hope that the act of making a tag might stop the stories from coming out. Come on, it’s possible. It worked with Kidnapped?

The first one is the story of Breanne McGuire, a teacher from Kitchener. She told her coworkers she had cancer, and they raised a bunch of funds for her treatment. Nope, no cancer. Now she has fraud charges.

Next up is Alicia Tolton of Pennsylvania, who convinced her friends she had cancer, so they threw her a benefit and gave her money and gifts. Turns out she just needed some money to pay some bills.

Guys, you’re really doing a lot of damage to the people who have real cancer. Even now, when my parents were going to a benefit for a local person who has cancer, there was a part of me that was suspicious, even though I knew that this person with cancer is my parents’ neighbour. But all of these people have caused me to be suspicious when I never would have been before. Sad.

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