Chest Fest Was A Flop, But Perk Up, There’s Always Next Year

Well, hmmm. I mentioned the whole Top Freedom Fest thing a while ago. I should probably mention how it went.It didn’t. I guess the organizers didn’t manage to raise enough money for some of the performers, so they decided to settle for a march along the route that Gwen Jacob took when she was arrested.

Forgive me for chuckling at the fact that they walked past “Second Cup” during their march. I’m so easily amused.

I don’t know how to feel about the whole topless festival. In theory, I shouldn’t care about it, and I should support it, har har I said support. It is stupid that a dude can walk around with his shirt off even if he’s sporting a set of man boobs, but if women do it, eeewwww. It would be cool if we could get over that double standard, and that probably can only happen with more exposure, har har har these puns just keep falling on my head don’t they?

But at the same time, these things never just bring out the folks who care about gender equality. You always get the creeps. So, a festival designed to make people feel safe taking off their shirts actually does the exact opposite. But as I write this, I find my own mind taking my own voice, and superimposing it on some old woman’s voice from some point in the past saying “Oh, it’s just not a good idea for women to vote. They’re just asking for trouble.” Doesn’t that sound ridiculous now? If she was transported into current times, and expressed her concerns about giving women the right to vote, she would be laughed at for sounding positively backward.

It’s at this point I have to question what my problem is with the festival. Why is it that I feel the need to warn others that if they decide to go down to the park when it’s on, there will be people without shirts. Why is it that I giggle when the topic comes up, and when encouraged to go down there, emphatically say no I won’t be there?

I guess we’ll have to see if they try this again next year.

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