Use A Safety Buoy, Your Boys Will Thank You!

Last Updated on: 6th May 2022, 01:26 pm

Here’s a message to all scuba divers. Use a safety buoy, or else a fisherman might get ya by the short and curlies. That’s what happened to one poor sucker in England. John Goldfinch was happily fishing away, hoping for some mackerel. But what he got was a scuba diver. And where did he get him? Right between the legs!

I can’t even imagine the pain that guy must have been in. There he is, way down in the depths, when something catches him between the legs and starts reeling him in! I love the wording here. “The funniest thing was that his girlfriend then surfaced, helped him remove my tackle from his tackle and nonchalantly handed the hook back to me and apologised.”

That’s a way to put it.

At any rate, I’m sure that guy will learn to love the safety buoy.

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